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Hi and welcome to MSE Forum! In other words, from the moment the card is used to fund gambling, interest is being charged at a high rate and it will continue to be charged until the balance is transactipns off in full. At the very least, then, using a credit card for gambling adds a significant amount to the bet and eats into any winnings.

Tricky-Art for perusal at your leisure. I just need to send some id, payslip etc. How many months of bank statements are they likely to ask to see and has anybody else come up against this problem? How do I post?: I've rang up and thought I sorted the problem but it has arisen once more.

NatWest has closed his account because of his gambling habits. have any policy of closing accounts on the basis of betting transactions. I have just received a letter from First Direct informing me that I have to stop using my bank account for 'gambling transactions' within 60 days or  Withdrawals and Bank Statements . > Betfair. The fees and charges made for using a credit card for gambling. Halifax; HSBC; Lloyds TSB; MBNA; Natwest; Nationwide; RBS; Santander However, they do not impose the cash advance fee on gambling transactions.


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